Company Profile  

Harrisons Malayalam Limited(HML), is a member of RPG Enterprises, which is one of the top five industrial groups, with technology hotline to 15 fortune 500 companies which gives it a firm footing on a global canvas. RPG is committed to Total Quality Management(TQM) in all their activities, ranging from Plantations to Tyres, Cables & Power Transmission, Pharmaceuticals, Hotel & Tourism, Telecommunication, Agri-Business, Retail, Speciality Chemicals, Consumer marketing and Entertainment. The group has a turnover of over Rs.65 bn($1.5 bn).

Harrisons Malayalam Ltd is one of the oldest companies of RPG Group, and it's history can be traced back to the year 1844 Liverpool UK. The company's Indian operation began in 1907 when an office was opened in Quilon Kerala. The Indian operations were carried out by two companies Harrisons & Crossfield(India)Ltd and Malayalam Plantations(India)Ltd, which were subsequently merged into one company in 1984 to form Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. The company was part of Harrisons & Crossfield, UK till 1988, and with the abolition of Managing Agency System and introduction of Foreign Exchange Regulations Act(FERA), HML became a widely held public sector company and an RPG enterprise.

Presently, HML is one of the largest plantation company based in south India with the turnover of over Rs.150 Crores. Its business activities are spread over a wide field of activities like, agriculture (principally Tea and Rubber), Biotechnology(Tissue culture), Travel and tourism, Shipping & cargo, Clearing & forwarding, Engineering and Consumer marketing.

HML has 20000 hectares of land under its fold, of which 6000 hectares is planted with Tea, 6000 hectares with Rubber and 10000 hectares under fuel area and private forest. HML is a well diversified single largest producer of Natural Rubber in the country, and the second largest producer of Tea in south India. HML currently produces 17 million kg of tea from its 10 estates located in diverse agro-climatic conditions. The company has modern CTC Tea factories, including a new factory with 4 line CTC capacity put up at Achoor estate. HML enjoys the unique flexibility to produce diverse types of CTC and Orthodox teas according to the market demands and consumer needs. Apart from the above, HML is one of the largest players in the Cochin Tea Auctions, offering around 15% of the total traded volume.

The company currently produces 17 million kg of tea and 11 million kg of rubber valued at Rs.122 Crores. Both tea and rubber produced by HML has acquired a brand status at the auctions, and commands a premium and are on the top of the list both in terms of quality and price realization.

To provide customers with value added products, HML entered into the highly competitive branded tea market in the year 1992 in the States of Andhra pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The brands Spencer's, Harrison's Gold, Mountain Mist and Surya have become popular with the consumers.

Presently, the Consumer Marketing Division acts as a primary consumer of our plantations. With aggressive marketing and development of distribution channels. HML is among the top three companies in this market. Our success is attributed to the superior blends based on consumer preference and our obsession for product quality. Long term goal of the company is to reach out to the newer markets in India and abroad thus globalize the brands. Apart from the above activities, the CMD provides services to various tea growers in the form of warehousing. HML's warehouse is the most modern and one of the largest located at the South Indian Manchester, Coimbatore.