Rubber Plantation  

HML is the industry leader in natural rubber production in India, having 10 rubber estates with a planted area of over 6666.91 hectares, located in the prime rubber growing areas of the country. HML is the country's largest supplier of good quality natural rubber. The company has 7 rubber factories, including 2 Cenex factories and two TSR factories. The company has its own Research & Development Centre, constantly supporting the plantation activities with regular leaf and soil analysis, fertilizer application management, research on new clones and tapping technology.

The R & D Centre has enabled the company to achieve quality milestones as also higher yield and provides support to development of value-added products and technical support to end-users demands. HML produces value-added rubber products in the form of centrifuged latex, Pale Latex Crepe rubber, technically specified rubber etc., of high quality standards. HML is the only company which produces Sole Crepe grade in India. The company has also made significant investments in setting up a plantation academy to impart knowledge and skills to its employees in the area of rubber cultivation. This has paid rich dividends by increasing labour productivity and consequently, better yields.

The company's current production of rubber is 8 million Kgs per annum, with an average yield of over 1400 Kgs per hectare. HML enjoys the unique flexibility of production due to its well-developed facilities for manufacture of different grades and forms to suit any product mix. HML's focus has been on land and labour productivity, cost competitiveness materials and manufacturing, value addition, marketing and exports. The high yield, uniqueness in quality, unmatched product range and enviable product reputation have all enabled the company to sustain its leadership position in the market place over the past so many years.

HML Rubber Estates :
Estate Planted Area (Hectare)
Mooply Valley
Mooply 546.46
Palapilly 544.62
Kundai 1023.90
Kaliyar 538.14
Ranni Valley
Kumbazha 967.25
Koney 596.80
Lahai 865.68
Mundakayam 530.43
Venture Valley
Nagamallay 691.30
Isfield 1150.10
Total 6666.91